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Australia Weather – Delightfully Diverse

An Australian holiday is extremely popular with travelers. The country is indeed a year-round tourist destination, drawing numerous tourists with its sandy beaches and astonishing attractions. But then, you should also be aware of the weather in the country before embarking on your Australia holiday.


Seasons in Australia

You should actually take note that the seasons in Australia are the exact opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring starts from September to November, summer starts from December to February, fall begins from March until May, and winter commences from June until August.

So if you are planning on having an Australian holiday during Christmas, keep in mind that it is the height of summer in the country. When you want to have your Australia holiday during the mid-year break of students, remember that it is winter in Australia.

Australia is in general, a very dry place and that is why summers here could get much hotter. The rainfall pattern here is also distinct. It may be the smallest continent but Australia is still a huge country. Because of its vastness, the weather also varies considerably in various parts of Australia. The average temperature here differs depending on the season but generally, it ranges between roughly 50o Celsius to below zero temperatures.

Tropical Regions

Australia’s tropical regions are in the northern section of the country. These include the northern and central parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory as well as the northern districts of Western Australia. The climate in the Australian tropics has two seasons, which are the wet and the dry seasons.

The wet season occurs for six months in summer and spring, which is between December to March. Its temperatures range between 30o and 50o Celsius. The dry season, meanwhile, lasts for six months during autumn and winter, which is between May to October. The average temperature during this season is approximately 20o Celsius.

Dry Regions

Australia’s dry regions are located mainly in central Australia, from southern and central Western Australia, to the southern sections of the Northern Territory and majority of South Australia, as well as the western regions of New South Wales and Queensland, and the northwestern portion of Victoria.

Temperatures here vary from about 40o Celsius during summer to between 16o and 24o Celsius during winter. At night, temperature here could go from 19o Celsius to 0o Celsius. These places actually receive not much rainfall.

Temperate Regions

These temperate areas are situated on the southeastern coast, from Tasmania up to majority of New South Wales and Victoria, through the southern sections of Queensland. Temperate regions could also be found in the southernmost areas of South Australia as well as the southwestern peak of Western Australia.

The weather here is relatively changeable all through the year. The average temperature during summer is around 30o Celsius and during winter, the typical temperature is roughly 15o Celsius.

Protect Your Skin

Once you are on your Australian holiday, you could take part in several fun outdoor activities without harming your skin through excessive exposure to the sun. Some easy skin protection tips that you can do while enjoying your Australia holiday is to wear a wide-brimmed hat, a collared shirt with sleeves, and use a good, water-resistant sunscreen lotion on the exposed areas of your skin. When you are knowledgeable about the weather in this country, you could look forward to a hassle-free Australian holiday. The weather here may be diverse, but it would just contribute to your unpredictable and thrilling Australia holiday.

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