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Get Inspired By Fantastic Travel Plans

Whether you are planning vacation for next summer or a last minute get away today, it helps to get advice from people who have been there. Everyone has their own ideas about the best places to go, and attractions to see. We have in common, the all-important search for three travel experiences. They are adventure, comfort, and saving money and we look for valuable tips on travel news, flight reviews, and airline reviews, to get happily on our way!

Travel news:
Top Spots for Hot Travel Destinations in 2008:

The Aloha State offers an island paradise of white sand beaches, volcanoes to explore, and beautiful natives in grass shirts. You may think a trip to the Hawaiian Islands is out of your reach. Hawaii has available discount lodging, and this spot of natural beauty has the most stunning views for free! Use travel sites to locate bargain hotels. For no extra charge, you can hike to hidden mountain waterfalls, or sunbath on secluded beaches.

Italy places first as the most popular international destination for vacation packages and tours, year after year, according to annual polls of tour companies. Italy well deserves this title. If the scenery does not charm you, the warm Italians will. Italy is treasured for lovers of art, history, and the greatest love, the food! As you leave Italy, it feels like leaving family.
Flight reviews:
Airlines are reducing fuel costs by eliminating some hubs across the nation. This may result in more stops added to your travel plans or premium rates for a direct flight. Large cities in the US have already reduced services and many other cities are changing their fall air service schedule.
Airlines have added surcharges to the ticket price. United Airlines began charging $25 for a second bag to be checked. American Airlines announced a $15 charge for the FIRST bag. Small charges may be added for a window seat or isle seat. That rather squeezes us in the mid-section. The best advice is to pack as lightly as you can.
Airline reviews:
Qantas: This airline is based in Australia, nicknamed “the flying kangaroo”. In 2007, Qantas was voted the fifth best airline in the world complied from research data. They held second place in 2005 and 2006.
The airline seats are comfortable, and booking is a breeze. The flight attendants are friendly, and very professional. Qantas also has a rewarding frequent flyer program. Qantas flies in and out of all major hubs, including International airports in the United States.
British Airways. This airline provides a good bargain in overseas travel. The staff is welcoming and attentive to the passengers needs. They do seem to have timely issues with in flight entertainment working properly. An all-important necessity on long flights with children. Overbooking and crowded flights have contributed to some disgruntled customer reviews.
In the travel industry changes occur daily. Experts who know the business can guide you in the right direction to savings and a pleasant trip.

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