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Los Angeles from the perspective of the East Coast

I have to know me; Los Angeles is a really great. But I grew up in the north east a few hours’ drive outside the New York City. Like all East Coast guys, I grew up with a totally unfounded dislike West Coast, crystallizes in the Belief that Los Angeles has to be the worst place on earth. New York and Los Angeles to chat a strange relationship that is not so aggressive as Boston and New York, but some competition is so tight. One of the things that we have put together, in New York and Los Angeles two more (and unfairly) stereotyped U.S. cities. Now the two, the two centers of the entertainment industry and economic centers of our country each medium. Over the years, my curiosity dominated by homegrown bias what. To a substantial change of position I bought a new Backpack and traveled to the West Coast and began to explore, spend a few months in Seattle and San Francisco, both Super interesting places that I really can become convinced that the West Coast is very special and only slightly offer the world.

But it was a trip down the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles to visit a childhood friend who was an even bigger shock to me I fell in love with the system. No, my friend, but with Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Against all odds, I learned to love LA, and here’s why: A quintessential Hollywood Hills Hollywood-style experience that lives up to its reputation through the Hollywood Hills. Hollywood Hills are as nice as expected, so simple. A ride through these hills property shows beautifully maintained and adjusted property well maintained and adjusted, amazing view after view.

After reaching the top of the hill and the view of the massive expansion of Los Angeles, it is unclear why this city inspired many people. A walk in the Hollywood Hills has a much clearer defense of the true dream city Dodge minor children of the club while trying to find the names of favorite celebrities embedded in the cement of Hollywood Boulevard.

My friend knew someone who lived in the mountains, so I stopped at home for lunch and enjoys the view. While I was there learned our humble host lived right by Jodi Foster and is walking distance to some of the more than Hollywood Notable names. Later that night we went for dinner and we sat next to one of the most powerful in the film industry and motor Shakers. I ate pizza meat lover so willingly, as I collected my own attack. I am a movie lover and have been all my life, and in those quieter moments affected joint experience of the reality of the people in our most important cultural art form was in a lot of warm and inviting tourist destinations in the city real-time at a time could.

The food, oh yeah, writing food giant meat lovers pizza reminded me immediately of the many amazing meals I enjoyed in Los Angeles, a city that deserves its reputation as easily one of the country’s gastronomic capital. When waxing poetic about Los Angeles culinary landscape notes that I am not speaking of the many high-end, mind bogglingly expensive, famous restaurants.

I wish I could tell everyone how much he loved dinner at Sago, but actually my friend and I visited less known Establishments. And I would not have had otherwise. Here is a selection of some of the many wonderful meals we ate in LA, all of my friend and I found it easy to stop first, it looked good: caramel and sea salt John Kelly Chocolate Truffles, off Sunset Blvd, during testing at Meltdown Comics graphic novels. Meat lovers pizza at Delaney, also on Sunset Boulevard, though far below. A spicy chicken and rice on a plate anonymous Armenian restaurant a few blocks away from my boyfriend. Shrimp Papua, a tortilla-based dish El Salvador filled with meat and vegetables on a place in the Hollywood Farmer market. And who say nothing of the many wonderful Brunch eaten during my visit. Dining in Los Angeles offers a wide range of food, all of which were tasty, served quickly, and sold at very reasonable prices. You can spend the money as much as you want to eat in Los Angeles, but not really necessary.

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