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Travel Safely – Use Camping Australia Guide Books to Plan the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Great! You have finally decided that the trip of a lifetime is going to be taking place in Australia, and that you want to go camping in the Australian outback rather than staying in hotels and hostels. You have made a great choice.

But there are obviously some challenges that you are about to face. For example, where are you allowed to camp, how much will it cost, where it is safe and what are the best sites with the amenities that you need and desire.


This is where guide books come in. The shops are saturated with guidebooks and there are hundreds to choose from when it comes to researching about Australia. But by focusing and refining your search regarding guidebooks will inevitably aid your research and ensure the best quality help to plan your trip.

Camping in Australia will be an experience of a lifetime and it can also help to save you money. Finding exactly where you would like to stay and pre booking your camp site will help save you stress and heartbreak of being turned away and also aid you in planning your trip around Australia.

When you are searching for your camping Australia guidebook, here are a few tips to follow to ensure you are getting all the information and hep you will need:

Have they been there?

Getting insider information is priceless, especially in the world of camping. Some guidebooks are written on reviews and comments from other people, rather than actually visiting the camp site themselves. Biased reviews and unusual conditions can taint the opinion that you will be getting.

Good camping Australia Guidebooks should always be written by those who have been there and done it, or even better, they live in Australia – don’t waste your time or your money on those who haven’t been there.

Does the book have a clear rating system?

You need to make sure that your guidebooks offers you at a glance rating of the campsite for those emergency moments that we will all face when camping around Australia. This will be a invaluable when you haven’t got the time or the energy to spend scouring the yellow pages phone books to see whether your campsite is any good. It also helps you to put the campsites into perspective.

Is the language of the guidebook accessible?

There is nothing worse than a dull as dishwater guidebook that you have to read and reread to get the full meaning of what should be a simple and no explanation needed book. Before you buy the book, scan the pages to ensure that it is suitable for you and or the people that will be camping around Australia.

Does it cover the whole of Australia?

If you are planning quite an extensive trip, your guidebook has to cover all of the territory that you are hoping to visit. If it does not, then you are limiting yourself and stopping your trip from taking full flight. Some camping Australia guidebooks focus on a specific region, which is great if you are, but ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Traditionally, guidebooks have been just that – books!

But in today’s computer dominant world, there are now thousands of ebooks, also on camping Australia available. These are great if you aren’t a book worm, but more an internet lover. They can be cheaper and more accessible, however the tips and hints provided in this article will still apply.

You can to the majority of our research on the internet when you are planning your trip to the outback, but it is best to be safe by investing in the best guidebooks you can find. It would be a tragedy if such a big trip as travelling to Australia ends up a disaster of errors just because the quality of the free information on the net just didn’t cover all the requirements.


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